What it takes to have a career as a Finance analyst

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A financial analyst is one who directs people on the proper and effective ways of money investing. Besides helping with analyzing the money, those employed with firms or finance assignment service also deal with reports related to them. Along with these, an analyst also deals with evaluation of the financial market.

To start out and be successfully associated with the job of finance analysis, one has to have proper expertise with the ways of finance management along with providing clients with suggestion on investment and evaluating the economic situation of various sectors. One needs a degree with mathematics as a subject for graduation and if there is an additional course on business planning, finance, economics and accounting, it gives one an edge over any other graduate. Alternatively, graduation in Commerce or having a CS or CA degree is also taken into account.

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If you wish to start as a finance analyst, the ropes have to be learnt from school itself. What helps is if one has an aptitude for commerce and a love of numbers as it can help them decide whether to actively pursue the career field or not. Handling financial assignments can be a good way to start. After school, applying for the Chartered Accountancy degree should be the next stepping stone. For those who are good with accountancy and an aptitude for financial matters can do very well in this field. One requires a complete set of skills of logical and analytical thought process that will help them reach decisions regarding finance. Having good presentation and communication skills is a must as the job demands interaction with people and convincing ability.

An MBA degree in finance, from one of the top schools can set you back by a few lacs of rupees but these are the places the top notch companies come looking for recruitment. However some students can also pursue diploma before applying to financial firms and banks.

The job prospects for financial analysts are plenty in insurance firms, banks, security companies and mutual fund firms to name a few. One can even branch out on their own and develop a proper customer after a few years of gaining experience. The pay package for a financial analyst depends on one’s experience and their skills as well. Within four five years of experience one can see a growth of four to five times in the salary.

Just like every other field, financial analysis has its pros and cons. One has to be always active professionally and stay updated regarding the financial market and its developments. And the development in career prospects depends on the growth of the financial sector. One can take help from some finance assignment services that are available online to have an idea on the prospects.

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