Commercializing creativity as fashion and business collide

There is a whole new scope arising out with the business sector as Chanel, Prada and Vero Moda join hands with the MBAs that is opening up a wide range of careers catered by the business schools in the fashion world.

Beginning to be acquainted with the industry of luxury clothes and shoes, the women founders of MBA are investing in the sector more with the help of technological advancement to lend a creative touch to business and commercialization. And as a payback, business schools are getting interested in the fashion sector as more and more people are vying for a career in fashion and luxury business companies. A detailed research on the possibilities of creative commercialization in fashion has been pursued by the British Fashion Council in collaboration with the London Business School has revealed very less business knowledge and guidance for budding designers. For an industry that generates more than $25 billion a year, it is important that to have an all round success, there is intermixing of creativity and commerce in the correct way.

Business students are being encouraged to pursue careers in the fashion sector and Europe and London has seen a huge rise in fashion and related technologies and they are being helmed at the top by several B school pass outs. Designers having a flair for business can even branch out on their own if they put their knowledge in the correct place and have a successful alternative career option to a corporate one. The highlighted fashion destinations are still the ones of Milan, New York, Paris and London. There has been a rapid growth of Italian designers following the trend set by Cavalli, Versace and Pucci and new and budding company managers continue to spread far and wide successfully, establishing their businesses. Gucci has even started its own Management Fashion program with the leading business school in Italy. As such, when they are collaborating with the fashion biggies, it provides the B-schools a scope to give more variety in career for their students. The leading designers or people from the brands are brought in for seminars or company visits which help the students get an idea on the hows and what’s of the industry. Several other countries as France also have their similarly launched programs which are merging fashion and business together.
And interested students are lining up for the chance too. They are getting placed at the best places they can dream of – Louis Vuitton, Chanel and Louboutins amongst others. NYC, the fashion hub of America is also offering staunch programs on fashion management for the MBA students and they can only hardly wait to get started.

The course details are usually a mix of finance and its impact on the industry, related product and their marketing strategies as well as the diverse business plans to facilitate the brand sell and products. The challenge of mixing up business with the creative bone is what makes the industry all the more exciting.

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