What is it that an MBA program cannot teach you

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What is that an MBA teaches you? Well, looking at it broadly, the “everything” and “what not’s” of business. MBA students aim to do well in the corporate sector and get in the executive level designations of a company. And a few others like to get services for academic writing to help develop their own business.

A very important thing an MBA class can do for you is that they can help you get better in academics in the future, with the prospects of maybe teaching in B-schools. But there are certain factors which students really need help but do not always get as they should. Let us take a look at a few of those.

Improving writing skills

A very important skill students must learn during their stay at the MBA School is the proper way of writing for business of companies. Management schools require their students to write in the APA or MLA format but that is not how the real business world works. This is strictly an academic set of rules. What the business classes can take initiative to do is having specially designed writing academic service classes and professional communication. What these classes should focus on are all-round public speaking techniques, copywriting, drafting memos, emailing amongst others.

Selling for business

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Something that every company thrives on is the sale of their product/services. Every person in the company should understand their duties towards the organisation in matters of sales. Developing skills in decision making, negotiation skills and ideas is what business schools should teach. Knowing how to sell your set skills and values that will help you land a job, is what management schools should focus on. Business schools indulge in discussions of companies that talk of millions. But the truth is that a fresh graduate will have to work his way up to the top. Many students handle both work and attend business classes so that implies they have the drive in them to succeed.

The MBA programs should focus on how individuals can start with business and getting finance issues solved and how to form proper networking with business partners.

Building a custom market

During these times of competition what is extremely essential is to build your own niche market for business. Developing market for your own business helps you in exploring better and newer avenues for business. An MBA program usually focuses on what other companies’ have done rather than helping you develop what you do. The focus should be on more advanced areas of marketing, the mix of technology with how it can get into business and other product ideas.

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