College Essay Writing Prompts for 2015 Freshman

Have you buckled up for your dream college? Whether an application form in the “before admission” phase or, revising your project papers at the eleventh hour in the “after admission” phase, colleges LIVE on writing. “Write, read, write, read, re-read, write...” This process would not cease as long as you’re there on a quest to attain that desired degree.

Here are proficient assignment writing tips that throw a life-raft at the time of academic distress. When you must write a personal statement to stand out, brainstorm with the following essay writing prompts given below. Here’s to make your writing assignments easy-breezy! 
1.       Import a unique experience of childhood from your essay. Recollect an event that gave you a lesson, a step from ignorance to knowledge. A moment that you learnt something. May be when you rode a bike first or, realized the importance of someone else’s presence in your life.       
2.       A success story. Brainstorm on a particular achievement in your life that’s worth sharing. Goal-achieving real-life incidents find the best expression in top B-school’s application essays. So, while writing an essay for your college when you’re permitted to pick a topic of preference, serve a story that inspires.
 It could be something minor, for example, volunteering to spread “no-plastic” awareness in your High School yard. The, state with relishing details what the achievement felt like when finally the canteen trends shifted to jute bags.

3.       A failure.  Don’t underestimate the ulterior power of a failure or a letdown. A failure is often subsequent success in disguise. And especially in application/scholarship essays, or, college narrative essays, students all around go boasting of their accomplishments; why not make it memorable by a heart-wrenching failure that actually benefited you many ways? 
Think of a relationship collapse, or a finance burden—which actually rendered you more motivated, more focused, and stronger to pull yourself through the misery to hit a row of success!

4.       A change or a developmental transition. For example, if you ever had an event in your life that changed your perception about yourself or about the world around to a great degree. College scholarship essays allow you to re-live a major change in your life. Exploit this narrative topic to the fullest.

Anything that spells significance to the audience is worth a shot telling. Even top assignment writing services in UK make certain that your scholarship essays don’t go unobserved by your review board and utilize these great essay prompts to outshine other candidates.                
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