Time Management Tips for Writing a Lengthy Dissertation

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Not being able to complete an assignment in time is one of the biggest fears we face in our college life. Writing a mammoth-sized essay may seem like a herculean task in the beginning. But once you learn the ropes, managing your time for it could be practically easier. Remember, writing a dissertation also involves proofreading and binding a final draft, which entails more time than your pre-planned writing schedule.

College essays are devised to scale a student’s performance and his/her zest to learn. Students, especially those in business school, find it very difficult to handle their campus routine and part-time jobs side by side. On top of all this, a 10,000-word essay may give you the jitters! But there is no reason to panic. The smart way to do is to break the chunk of writing into small bits of information and analysis.

Divide your lengthy dissertation into stages and map them into a neat schedule. A good way to begin is by conducting your literature review. Although here you need to make a summary of what has already been published on your dissertation topic, make it interesting by synthesizing findings in a closely knit fashion. Add a personal touch revealing what is not yet known. The next phase is to craft your methodology. In short, this is how you will theorize your findings through technical analysis. Next, identify key sources—books and periodicals, Realia / Artifacts, Manuscripts etc. Allot sufficient time to your primary sources since they serve a direct testimony regarding your topic of enquiry. Maintain a natural flow of writing without fancy words or elaborated sentence structure.

Remember one thing with considerable care. Some steps may require extra time. We all face that initial lethargy when we first lay our hand on a huge project. How many times have you caught yourself wondering, “I’ll easily finish this chapter by the end of the week,” and then, weeks flow by like pebbles in a river, but that chapter remain untouched. Does it ring a bell? You sure do not want to miss your deadline that clichéd way. So, it is always a good idea to set a mental map of what you are going to write the whole day half an hour ago before you actually start to write. That way you can be psychologically prepared even before starting the physical process of writing.
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