Free HR courses for company staff at Magna Carta Oxford

In a bid to improve upon the education system and provide help with assignments in HR, Magna Carta College Oxford is offering opportunities to study free courses of the Pre-Master’s Certificate distance education program. In the event of HR brand development held at Minsk, the certificates were awarded.

The companies that got the opportunity to pursue free courses included the British-American Tobacco Trading Company DanonBel and the ARTOX Group because of their recognized contribution focused on qualification enhancement of personnel. Apart from being a good scope for companies to continue in the teaching field, it also helps the employees gain some extra knowledge while they are working.

The course, what it does best is to provide a chance to students in gaining knowledge and add some weight to their MBA applications in more than one way. With a new approach towards the HR job concept, the distance education is a great help to employees/student trainees as it provides help for the HR assignment at office, meaning the concepts employees have to do and implement at office.

The core concepts in the program consist of International Accounting & Finance, International Strategy, Human Resource Management, Management Information Systems, Corporate Social Responsibility, Business Organization, Global Business Process Structure and Management amongst others. The language of teaching for the students is English and Russian.

The Regional Director of Magna Carta Oxford, Olga Yumasheva emphasizes on the usefulness of the professional degree which helps students get familiarized with the thorough knowledge of business administration. The diploma provided by Britain is worldly recognized. Anyone, armed with the professional degree can tap into their potential and go a long way in working positively for their company and for the corporate sector in general. The course provides educational programs which are useful to students by not only providing the required academic information along with giving them a firsthand knowledge and experience of what the corporate sector holds out for them.

There are several other distance learning and intramural programs offered by Magna Carta College related to help in HR assignment which are affiliated through the Buckingham University which comprise of MSc and MBAs which is the BTEC course of the biggest educational company Pearson and ABE.

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