Honing your writing skills for B-schools

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Research proposals, thesis papers, financial dissertation and a truckload of assignments. Sounds familiar? That’s the basic writing requirement for an undergraduate who is majoring in finance, management or any of its relative subjects. Services that provide custom writing training is what most students are opting for to hone their skills.

Business graduates, once they start college are asked to dealt with a variety of research papers which need clarity of expression and confident presentation on the general topics they are assigned. Since the targeted audience for the presentation and papers are people from the professional world, it becomes essential that the memos, business papers and all the required academic work meet the standardized level it is aimed for. But often, there is little help in that regard as students usually do not get to acquire the levels of perfection in their writing as it is required. The result is a disaster when they are exposed to the job sector as most even pass out without an iota of information regarding writing skills pertaining to business know how. The standard college test in America (ACT), in its research shows very poor results of students with most scoring a C and a few managing a B grade in writing.

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Writing skills are to be developed from the moment a student starts school. But it is not just for the teacher to assign essays and leave it at that. The services of custom writing for students are many as they help develop analytical and critical thinking for them and one should consistently practice those to keep bettering up the writing process. In today’s business market, when writing an Email is considered to be a major deciding factor, banking firms, IT companies and consultancy units are seeking candidates with quality writing skills.

A mixed approach which mingles both the business factor as well as the liberal artsy system can work well in educating the students in honing their skills. Like the Wharton School of Business focuses on an all round development of writing along with communication skills with programmes of writing seminar.

What some of the top B-schools are doing in a bid to improve writing skills for their students is they are integrating mandatory programs of business writing and communication which will serve as a full-fledged system of mixing business with developing their writing. Teaching students on business and its relation with art, society and politics can help them relate one with another with a view to improve their writing.

Write on anything you get. It could be your favourite restaurant, your favourite book or a trip you made to somewhere exotic. The trick is to develop it in the fashion of custom writing.

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