European ‘delight-estinations’ : Places to go in Christmas

Christmas is almost here! A joyous time for everyone, the quiet soul prefers to sit by the window sill with a glass of wine and curl up with a good book watching the pretty lights and bells jingling from the Church before hanging out with a group of friends, enjoying a gorgeous feast. But for the adventurous, going out on a Christmas vacation is better suited.

Among the places all over the world, Europe is a pretty vibrant option for holiday enthusiasts and people all over the world plan their tours during the Christmas season.

Prague in Czech Republic provides the visitors with an old world charming feel during the Christmas. The entire place erupts into a delicate winter celebration with colours and no one can get tired of all things wonderful they will come across. Take a boat tour if you want to make a day’s outing memorable for you.

Lapland in Finland is the next hot (rather cold!) spot amongst your holiday list. The official home for the Santa, the place is a visitor’s delight with fly fishing or even a husky safari if your pocket permits, of course. A chance to glimpse the northern lights will be the added fun to everything.

Leipzig in Germany comes soon after where you can enjoy a lot of gastronomically satisfying delights that include gingerbreads, pretzels and the place also offers over 200 stalls from where you can buy gifts for your loved ones. Indulge yourself with mulled wine or a special German coffee at its many cafes.

Copenhagen in Denmark offers you the Christmas delights on a platter which includes a rich cup of Danish coffee along with an array of tasty cakes and food. For the children there is Tivoli’s Land of Elves which they will enjoy immensely.

Amsterdam in Netherlands has to be on this list when we are discussing Christmas destinations. The museums and the other places of interest for the tourists make sure the visitors get a taste of the true Dutch flavour when they are there which is full of history and rich in cultural diversity. The light festival in Amsterdam, classical performances in music and the unique ice skating throughout the city are other major attractions.

Being one of the most romantic destinations, Rome in Italy is also a holiday lover’s paradise. Campo di Fiori at the Piazza Navona is hard to miss when you are there. The Christmas stalls sell lots of candies and other souvenirs.

Salzburg in Austria is considered to be a favourite place for winter sports. But apart from all that, the place is also very highly regarded for maintaining their traditions and culture when it comes to celebrating the festivals. The mountain villages which are spread all over the places, these traditions have survived all these years and people celebrate them even today. The people make demonic figures which are associated with mythology and the Christian culture.

So go out there, and if you are in dire need of a holiday to bring in the New Year, there is no other way than to do it in Europe. With spoilt for options, it will truly be a holiday lover’s delight to indulge in the many fantasies all across the continent.

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